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Keyword Research Reports Explained

The goal of our keyword research is to help bring targeted traffic to your website. In our reports we find keywords that are related to our website and then analyze their potential to generate targeted traffic. This is done by conducting comprehensive keyword market analysis. Essentially we want to find the keywords that are in high demand with the searchers while having a short supply of relevant web pages. This article is most informative if you have familiarized your self with a sample keyword research report.

We utilize Wordtracker, one the best keyword research tools on the Web, to help locate related keywords as well as to assist us in gathering relevant data from the Web. We use this data to estimate the number of times each keyword is searched on all the search engines combined per month. We also utilize this data to determine the number of "competing" web pages for each keyword. A competing web page is any page indexed on the web that contains an exact match of that particular keyword. Together, the monthly searches and web page matches form a type of keyword market. The basic goal is to find relevant keywords with a large number of monthly searches and only a small number of web page matches. Clearly a keyword with 10,000 searches and only 50 web page matches will be much better to target than a keyword with only 100 searches and 5,000 web page matches (assuming they are both relevant to your website). However, usually the analysis is not so easy.

GotSEP keyword analysis or GKA is our preferred method of keyword analysis. Essentially it is a scoring system that depends only on the number of monthly searches and web page matches. The score is intended to roughly evaluate a keywords potential to generate traffic from the search engines. It was developed from our experience of being able to rank on the search engine results pages and monitoring the traffic they generated. It is an excellent tool to analyze the individual potentials of huge numbers of keywords. However it should be noted that it is only a tool and not an authority for there are other factors to consider beyond keyword search frequency and web page matches. For example the ability of you and your competitors to create content and optimize pages for the search engines significantly affects the amount of traffic you can generate from a particular keyword. Another factor to consider is the number of people who link to your site and your competitors. The GKA formula used in the keyword research reports assumes that you are reasonably effective at developing relevant content and that you are able to present it to the search engines in a manner that they can easily digest. If you happen to be a search engine positioning specialist with huge numbers of people linking to you then you might want to increase the GKA score for keywords that have large numbers of web page matches. If on the other hand you are a search engine positioning beginner with hardly anybody linking to you then you might want to increase the GKA score for keywords that have very few competing web page matches. Your site needs to be listed on the first few pages of the search engine results pages to claim your share of the keyword’s traffic.

As an added feature of our keyword research reports, we include the top three bid amounts in the Overture pay per click search engine. Bidding starts at a dime and some bids go well above $10.00. This data is useful because you will find that often times there are keywords that are very relevant to your site but they have exceedingly high numbers of competing web pages yet have very inexpensive bids. You may want to consider targeting these keywords on the pay per click engines and avoid competing with the masses. Conversely, you might find that some of the keywords with expensive bids have very little competition with respect to competing web pages. The high price that the bidders are paying might be telling you something more about the keyword than you can get by search frequency and web page matches alone. Perhaps those high price keywords tend to have a higher conversion ratio or perhaps excellent branding power. Anyway, if you feel you can rank in the first few pages in the relevancy based search engine results pages for these high priced keywords then you might decide to target those keywords even if the GKA is directing you otherwise.

Our keyword research reports are designed to be an efficient and effective compilation and keyword market research and analysis. We hope it helps you to realize the importance of researching keywords.


Sun December 10, 2023

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