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Keyword Research Report Sample

The goal is this sample keyword research report is to show you how our keyword market analysis can help you find those highly searched for keywords relevant to your website that have minimal competition. The numbers in the "GotSEP Keyword Analysis" column will serve as a rough guide to help find the keywords that have the most desirable combination of "Estimated Monthly Searches" and "Approximate Web Page Matches". We also find it helpful to include the top three "Overture Bid Amounts" which indicate how much you would have to "pay per click" to be listed on Overture and its affiliates search engines.

sample keyword research report

It is interesting to point out that we presented the sample keyword research report show above and its closing commentary as an image instead of text. We did this because by just simply mentioning phrases like the top ranked keyword above within the text of this Web page would bring a number of tennis searchers to our page. We would not want to disappoint any of these would be searchers with irrelevant content because our goal is to fulfill the searchers request with relevant content. However, we could use examples based on tennis shoes until we were blue in the face and not ever worry about disappointing any searcher because they would not accidentally find us in the search engines for such a competitive phrase.

Hopefully our sample keyword research report helps to illustrate the concept of a keyword market. Keyword markets are very similar to the concept of free market supply and demand. It can be viewed as though "demand" represents the searchers and the "supply" represents the competing web pages. The concept of money is analogous to having search engines realize your site is relevant and hence list you high in rankings thus giving you targeted traffic interested in the content and services of your website.

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Sun December 10, 2023

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