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The GotSEP Philosophy

Search engine promotion through keyword market analysis and targeted content development.

The goal of GotSEP is to help you bring the people who are interested in your website to your website. This also happens to be the goal of successful search engines. For if a search engine keeps its searchers happy by giving the most relevant results then the search engine will grow in popularity. On the other hand, if a search engine gives its searchers poor results then the search engine will quickly lose favor. Consequently, there are tremendous incentives for search engines to deliver relevant results. Conversely, most website owners are mainly interested in high search engine placement and do not really care whether their site is the most relevant. In fact, ever since the advent of search engines, webmasters have been actively trying to "trick" the search engines into listing their site as the most relevant. If the webmaster's deceptive tactics are continually successful on a search engine then that search engine's results will not be the most relevant and the search engine will loose popularity.

The successful search engines, such as Google, are very effective at filtering through this trickery. Often times the search engines simply ignore the tricks so that your rankings do not benefit. However, sometimes search engines actually penalize or even ban websites for blatant trickery. After all, this taints their search results and threatens their livelihood.

Long term and sustainable search engine positioning is achieved through solid keyword research and content development. The short-term benefits of playing the "cat and mouse" game of trying to fool the search engines are eventually not worth the risk and effort. In time, all search engines will either evolve and learn how to detect the tricks or they will fade away. As the search engines go through this type of "natural selection", the "tricks" will become less valuable while the targeted content will increase in value.

Targeted content development will improve your ranking in the search engines by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the search engines.

Step 1: Target the keywords that people search for and avoid developing content in highly competitive keywords. Neither the searchers, nor the search engines, nor your website can benefit from another needle in a haystack. If the searchers are interested in something relevant to your website then feed it to the search engines so they can feed it to the searchers. For more on this incredibly important aspect of search engine positioning improvement you can visit the keyword research section of our website.

Step 2: Find creative ways to develop quality content that is relevant to the objectives and goals of your website. The relevant content will bring the targeted traffic to you. If you take the time to create quality content then not only will you satisfy your visitors but you may also earn a few valuable links from other websites, further increasing your site's ranking.

Step 3: Allow the search engines to easily locate, digest, and process the content in your website. In other words, optimize your website for the search engines. As an example, you should refrain from complicating your website with latest "bells and whistles". Future search engines may one day make sense of excessive Frames, Java, Flash, etc. However, simple text will always be a staple of the search engine diet. Besides, simple and clear websites are always in fashion.

Step 4: Continue to improve the content of your website. The process of content development should not stop after your post your website. Take the time to comb through your referral logs and see what keywords bring you traffic through the search engines. For these keywords, the entire system of search engines, searchers, and your website are clearly working well together. Even so, these referral logs may indicate how you can fine tune your content.

It is never too late to try and increase your search engine positioning. However, it is never too early either. In fact, our approach is most effective when used during the developmental phase of a website.


Mon July 22, 2024

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