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Keyword Research

The Importance of Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis, and Keyword Optimization

By targeting the right keywords on your website, you can increase the quality and quantity of the traffic to your site. By detailing search trends and competition analysis, you can uncover highly searched keywords that have minimal competition. Keyword research is the most important first step in your quest for search engine positioning improvement.

The Basics of GotSEP Keyword Research Reports

There are a number of keyword tools available on the web to help you perform the keyword research and keyword analysis. You may want to glance at at sample keyword research report to see an example of how we research keywords. To see how to utilize this keyword market analysis to achieve high search engine placement then please read the article Utilizing GotSEP's keyword market analysis.

The four main components our keyword research is keywords, number of monthly searches, web page exact matches, and the GotSEP keyword analysis (GKA). The first main component of the GotSEP keyword research report is generating a list of relevant keywords. From this list you will be able to determine which keywords are most relevant to your website. For example "search engine positioning service" is a very relevant keyword for GotSEP's website. The next main component in our keyword research report is the number of searches. This number indicates the amount of interest there is on the Web for that particular keyword. For example it is important to know if "search engine positioning service" was searched for 100 times last month or 4500 times last month. Perhaps the most important aspect of our keyword research report is the web page exact matches. This number is a representation of the amount competition there is among websites for that particular keyword. For example it would tell us if 40,000 pages had "search engine positioning service" within them or if that number something smaller like 1700. The last main part of the keyword research report is the GotSEP Keyword Analysis or GKA. Basically, the higher the GKA the better the keyword. For example a keyword with 4500 searches last month and only 1700 web page exact matches would have a much larger GKA than a keyword with only 100 searches last month and 40,000 web page matches. Actual examples of this keyword market analysis can be seen in our sample keyword research report.

In our keyword research reports we also determine the top three bids for the Overture pay per click search engine. These bids inform you of the amount you would have to pay per click to have top search engine listings on Overture and its many affiliates. These bid amounts may help you locate and capitalize on any discrepancies between the ease of which you can rank well on the pay per click engines verses the relevancy based search engines.

A good way to learn more about our keyword research report approach (and keyword research and analysis in general) is to view a sample keyword research report and read our article titled "GotSEP Keyword Research Reports Explained".


Mon July 22, 2024

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