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Utilizing Keyword Market Analysis

This web page is intended to show you how to utilize the keyword market analysis.

In a keyword research we generated before writing this page we found many keywords with potential to bring us targeted traffic. In particular the phrase keyword market analysis had roughly 500 estimated monthly searches and only 12 competing exact web page matches. This particular keyword achieved a GotSEP Keyword Analysis (GKA) score of 10.3 and indeed it was a promising candidate. All that remained for us to do was to generate relevant content that contained the phrase keyword market analysis. So here you are reading our relevant content about how you can increase your search engine positioning by utilizing the keyword market analysis that GotSEP keyword research reports provide - simply write relevant content about the keyword.

If this were a class on utilizing keyword market analysis to achieve search engine positioning improvement then the first assignment would be to find a specific area of the web (i.e. find a particular keyword) relevant to your website with little competing content within other web pages and then write a 300 to 600 word essay about that keyword and how it relates to your website. You may want to view a sample keyword research report to see some actual examples of good keywords to target and bad keywords to target.

After writing your "essay" about the keyword, the second part of the assignment to achieve search engine positioning improvement would be to make sure it is easy for the search engines to see that your Web page's content is relevant to that particular keyword. The basic method to do this is to include the desired keyword in the body text of the web page (i.e. your essay), page title, and also link to that page from other pages which contain the desired keyword. We have accomplished this for this web page and we hope we have also illustrated the basics of how to utilize keyword market analysis to generate better search engine placement.

Of course, there is more to search engine positioning than just including the keyword as relevant content but it is the essential ingredient to achieve high search engine placement.


Sun December 10, 2023

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